Food & BeerBeer and eating have belonged together for thousands of years – long before anyone had even heard of wine culture

The Ancient Alliance of Beer and Food

Siikakeitto, Suvi ja Nokkosoluet
Whitefish soup with summery
seasonal beers: Prykmestar Suvi
and Nokkosolut

Beer and eating have belonged together for thousands of years – long before anyone had even heard of wine culture. Beer has claimed its place as a proper drink of choice when dining, and it goes well with many dishes.

Beer in cooking. Beer can be very nicely employed in cooking. Blonde beers work well in marinades and broths, while a dash of dark beer is excellent in gravies. Different beer types bring variety to cooking.

Cider can be used in a similar way when spicing chicken and fish. It does especially well in desserts.

Beer at the dinner table. Beer is an excellent drink choice with various food delicacies. Prykmestar Pils 4.5%Prykmestar LuomuPils 5.2% and Prykmestar Vehnä 4.5% are excellent beverages throughout the whole meal. They go especially well with fish and poultry dishes.

Since hops correspond to the acidity of wines, hopped beers cut the greasiness of the food. The well-hopped Prykmestar LuomuPils goes well with, for instance, rich-in-fat salmon. Also, flavours that can be challenging with wine (vinegar, eggs, hot spices etc.) taste excellent with beer.

A good general rule is that the spicier the food, the lighter the beer of choice. Since hops boost the burning sensation of spiced food, it is best to choose a light pils-type beer with Asian and Mexican dishes. With sushi, we recommend Prykmestar Vehnä 4.5%.

Opposites complement each other in the realm of flavours. Sweet and malty beers go nicely with salty and spicy foods.

In turn, similar flavours support one another. Prykmestar Savu 5.5% is an excellent choice with smoked salmon and ham. The chocolate-flavoured Prykmestar Pääsiäisporter and chocolate cake is a classic combination. Serve Prykmestar Wehnäbock 6.2% with cheesecake.

Light dishes. Light dishes and starters can be paired with blonde and light beers. These include wheat beers, blonde lagers, dark lagers and pils beers. Pils-type beers make a nice balance to salads and moderately spiced vegetables, since they have a slightly stronger taste than regular lagers. Prykmestar LuomuPils can even be a fine choice to be served as a first toast.

Heftier dishes. Heavier dishes should be enjoyed with darker, stronger and more nuanced beverages. We recommend Prykmestar Schwarz 4.5% and Prykmestar SavuKataja 9% for such occasions.

Beer and seasons. Strong and dark beers, such as Prykmestar Schwarz 4.5%Prykmestar Talvibock 9.2% and Prykmestar Talvi 3.8% are popular during the winter months, while warm summer months are the season of light, fresh and blonde beers, such as Prykmestar Suvi 4.5% and Prykmestar NokkosPils 5.2%.

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