Prykmestarmalt at its best


The brewery’s product range consists of Prykmestar beers, ciders, other alcoholic beverages and alcohol-free ice teas. Gluten-free beer is also available. In addition to the standard beer selection, we also produce various seasonal beers depending on the time of year. Our beers are crafted from genuine ingredients, without preservatives and additives. The brewery also makes customised products, to which the customer’s own personal label can be added. We even craft beer with the customer’s own recipe!

Our Award-Winning Beers!

Prykmestar Savukataja

  • European Beer Star, category: Strong Smoked Beer, bronze 2015
  • Vuoden olut (Beer of the year) 2009

Prykmestar Savu

  • European Beer Star, category: Smoked Beer, bronze 2012

Prykmestar Wehnäbock

  • Suomen Paras Vehnäolut (Finland’s best wheat beer) 2013 and 2016, Suomen Paras Olut (Finland’s best beer) 2012

Prykmestar Schwarz

  • European Beer Star, category: German-style Schwarzbier, silver 2013

Prykmestar LuomuPils

  • Suomen Paras Vahva Lager (Finland’s best strong lager) 2011 and 2013

Vakka-Suomen Panimo Osakeyhtiö

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